How Did Harrison Ford Get High Without Rollies?


During production of the 1977 classic, Harrison Ford would light up a joint and continue to set every single day (according to his driver at the time). One day claiming, he had run out of rolling papers, he came into the car with a sauce pan instead of joint. Apparently, he had heated it up and put his weed in it and then while in the car, he lifted the lid of the pot and inhaled. As the story goes, this was an effective method for getting him stoned. Now, history can not tell us how hot the pot was… I don’t know if Ford achieved combustion or if the pot was a more modest temp and therefore had actually vaped using the pot. Who knows? Maybe no one knows. Not even Harrison.

But we do know that this method definitely works. In fact, it might be one of the sickest ways to get high with thy cannabis. The fact is, if you heat up a pot with a lid on a stove at a really low temp (make sure the pot doesn’t have a non-stick coating as that would be toxic), you can get massive vape draws. Think about it: the pot’s bottom is the size of the “bowl”. Do you have a bowl you vape from that’s 6, 8, or 10 inches in diameter? I didn’t think so. You can throw the crappiest weed into it and as long as you put enough in, you WILL get smashed. I am talking shake-quality weed and you will still get KOed, due to the sheer amount of vapour quickly produced.

We’re not saying buy shitty weed. But there are a couple scenarios that have us inspired to try this out. Thank you Harrison Ford. Like trying to get high with low level weed using a traditional wand-style vape would take 50 times longer. I should mention, you will also need some kind of straw or tube or whatever to suck the vapour out of the pot. Easiest thing to do is to roll up a piece of paper into a giant non-melting straw (it will burn so don’t leave it on the stove or something stonerish like that). It’s also good to have a sauce pan lid that has a little hole in it so you don’t have to lift the lid to take a toke.

So when the fuck would you actually do this? Maybe you’re at a house party and no one has rollies. Or maybe you’ve got a serious weed emergency on your hands, and all you’ve got is old, dryed out weed. Do not stress my extreme stoner friend. Just find a pot in the cupboard, turn on the stove and toke. It’s that easy. Maybe there are some shitty chemicals coming from the sauce pan so don’t do it everyday. But damn, it’s so awesome.