Finding The Best Online Dispensary In Canada

There is a lot of choice out there today with online dispensaries so with so many choices how do you even begin to make a choice? What do you need to know before you pick one, what should you look out for? In this article we go into detail all things you need to take into consideration before making your decision.


The only companies that are legally allowed to sell Cannabis products in Canada are those that hold a license to do so. They differentiate themselves from the illegal market by referring to themselves as Licensed Producers or LP’s for short. In today’s market this may not seem like such a big deal to a lot of cannabis consumers but it is. Regulation is what keeps you safe from those who wish to exploit you for profit or from those who don’t care to produce a safe product. Your personal information is extremely vulnerable with an online dispensary and only licensed producers are approved to handle that info safely.


Having access to licensed producers matters more than most people think, especially when it comes to consistency. Street level dispensaries are known to engage in a bait and switch style approach to the products they stock. The majority is black market so there’s no accountability to consumers and product quality can vary significantly from week to week even though it’s branded as the same cannabis. We understand the every person has a wide range of taste for a number of different reasons.


You want to know someone is there 24/7/ 365 days a year and that they care about your needs. Our open marketplace will enable growers do what they do best, grow.  These licensed producers know that the cannabis industry is not like any other out there. When you try out a new strain from a grower and it’s some of the best you’ve ever had, you’re going to share it with everyone you know. Our marketplace will enable this mutually beneficial environment for both consumers and licensed growers to foster a positive and respectful community.


One of probably the most important issues for cannabis consumers in today’s market is quality. Cannabis is itself a hardy plant but getting the full potential out of it is somewhat of an art form. On top of that Cannabis is being consumed, so health is an issue too, growing safe and clean Cannabis is an absolute for consumers today. Your dispensaries could be buying from growers that use pesticides such as Myclobutanil, Avermectin, and Etoxazole. These are things you DO NOT want in your body. We believe there is no need for chemical pesticides with today’s knowledge of natural pest controls. Every thing should be tested for chemical fertilizers, hormones, and fungicides. We’re cannabis users too and we don’t want these industrial chemicals in our bodies either.


We believe the best way to produce top quality cannabis is support the small batch independent growers. Small boutique batches get the attention to detail they need to make sure they are clean, safe and of the highest quality possible. Big market producers operate on massive quantity to satisfy their shareholders, often cutting corners to increase profits. This is exactly what we don’t want for our community and making sure the smaller independent growers always have a marketplace to showcase their amazing products is what Primo is all about.

Delivery Time

Deliver time is also really important for many different reasons.  Quickness guarantees satisfaction and freshness! Nobody likes stale weed that arrives two weeks late… especially if you depend on it as your source of medicine.

Your Security

The security of your personal data (your information) has been a huge failure in the whole industry in Canada. Dispensaries have absolutely no regard for this information while licensed producers don’t adhere to patient security. This is not something you want to leave up to chance. Many measures must be taken for sites security. At Primo we leave nothing up to chance. With our hyper-security infrastructure there are no opportunities for hackers to compromise your personal data and extremely sensitive information.

The Primo community has the final word.

At the end for the day our community will always wonder if a grower’s weed is Primo or not when ordering weed online from a market that houses online licensed producer. We’re a cannabis marketplace set to open its doors for the recreational market in 2018. Our desire is to serve Canada from coast to coast with the best weed on the planet. We’re continually building relationship with licensed producer in Ottawa, licensed producers in Toronto, licensed producers in Montreal, licensed producers in Alberta and licensed producers in British Columbia. Here at primo were excited about the future of cannabis and you can join us now. You will be rewarded as an early adopter and get VIP status for the first 12 months.