At Primo we understand that each patient has different needs and there is no one THC or CBD strain of weed that fits all. There are many different reasons for consuming cannabis and there are many different strains to go with them. Not all users with experience the same effects for each strain so having a wide range of options is key to making sure can meet your customers’ needs.

There are two major compounds found in Cannabis that are responsible for the effects we know and love, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and Cannabidiol or CBD. These two compounds are the main two we refer to but they are by no means the only 2 contained within the plant. There are over 113 active cannabinoids within the Cannabis plant and with every day we’re learning more and more about them. The main difference between THC and CBD is their psychoactive properties or in the case of CBD a lack thereof. THC is the compound that is responsible for the “high” from Cannabis, it can have a number of effects on the human brain but generally it relieves stress, promotes a bit of a giggle and will increase your appetite. Additionally it has been said to help with chronic pain and anxiety with some users. CBD on the other hand is not psychoactive; it is known to act as an anti-inflammatory analgesic agent. Users have also reported its benefits with assisting with reducing seizures, with some going as far as to say it may have anti-cancer properties.

With such a wide range of uses and strains with a little help from a knowledgeable source like Primo we’re sure you can find the right match for your needs.

Here is a list of our favourite and strongest THC and CBD Weed :

THC Strong –

Chem Dog – 32.1%

Karmasutra – 29.7%

Strawberry Banana – 28.4%

Kosher Kush – 26%

Life is Good OG – 27%

CBD Smoothness :

Critical Mass

Charlotte’s Web

Dance World



Unmatched Selection

At Primo we have the widest selection of organic and fresh cannabis products in Canada, combined with our ethos of only having the highest quality products we are bringing you only the very best Canadian Cannabis has to offer.

Our ability to choose from any Licensed Producer in Canada allows us to pick and choose the absolute best for our community. Like the beer and wine industry smaller boutique operations are known to produce the best products with a focus on quality not quantity. With this reduction in production batch size comes an ability to focus on the details that make their product great and Cannabis is no different. We are committed to fostering lasting relationships within the craft cannabis community bringing a wide range of small batch craft cannabis and extracts directly to our users.

What makes Primo essential to the future of ordering Cannabis online in Canada.

Realistic Pricing

Let’s face it, the best growers out there are not masters of marketing their own product, in fact it’s a pretty good chance that if they’re excellent at one they’re not going to be any good at the other. So what most any good business would do is hire to fill the gaps in your expertise and they have to do this with marketing if they want to be successful. You can have the best cannabis on the market but if no one knows you have it, you’re not going to sell much of it. So to complete these growers are spending massive amounts on marketing to be relevant, these dollars could be better be spent on improving infrastructure and the product itself. This also has the added effect of driving up their operating costs which unfortunately drives up the cost to you, the consumer, as well. This is not something we want for the industry.

With Primo our marketplace allows cannabis consumers to do what they love, smoke great Cannabis and share it with their friends. The products will speak for themselves and the small boutique growers will have a platform to showcase their amazing product without spending massive on marketing campaigns. Thus allowing the consumer to enjoy the finest Cannabis at reasonable pricing, everyone wins.


In the past, especially in dispensaries in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, you don’t really get to know where your Cannabis is coming from. They might put a name on it or some resemblance of a brand but there is little or no recourse for the consumers if there is an issue of quality. Primo only has licensed Marijuana producers and this means that you’re dealing with real, legal and official businesses. There is a level of accountability there that has never been there before for Cannabis. On Primo’s market a bad batch or a dishonest product has real world consequences. This free market approach filters out subpar product so only the strongest THC and CBD Weed in Canada are available to our members.

Independent Growers:

We’re Canadians and as such we like to support Canadian things, so in that light we are committed to supporting independent growers. Much the same as your local craft beer brewery or funky small coffee .These growers have fostered this industry, a lot of them over the last 50+ years. We want to acknowledge the roll that they had in forming the culture and the science that has lead Cannabis culture what it is today. We’re excited to hear their stories, bring their amazing products into the spotlight and find out what makes them unique.


Just because the legal status of Cannabis has changed does mean the principals that got us here should be forgotten. At Primo we want to continue that culture, its core is what defines our brand and our ethos. We believe that with legalization behind us it’s time to shine a positive light on the Cannabis industry and the culture around it, all while showing respect for the pioneers that paved the way for us.

Online Cannabis Canada:

In a country as big and sparsely populated such as Canada the online world is the perfect place to connect Cannabis enthusiasts to a community that shares their interests. It’s ideal for bringing them together in conversations on key topics on how the culture should mature in the coming years. We want to foster a collective voice across Canada from P.E.I to British Columbia and all the way up north to places like the Northwest Territories. With this collective we can grow a diverse like-minded community to promote a constructive, positive, fun, and motivated Cannabis community.

What makes Cannabis Primo?

Producing premium Cannabis is a process that’s varied and nuanced, there is a level of detail orientation that needs to be achieved in order to get to the Primo level. A true quad with frosty crystals covering the sticky spongy buds with a perfect trim and the smell that just fills the room almost instantly, that’s Primo. Getting to this level of growing requires true hands on experience, years and years of it. You can’t just read a book and learn this overnight. The best growers have been at this for decades already, refining their craft with every crop, improving the strain with every generation. It requires almost obsession like dedication to get to this level. This is what it takes to get to the strongest THC and CBD Weed in Canada, not just any grower can get on Primo, these are the certain processes they have to adhere to:

Strongest THC and CBD Strains:

Way before you even think about planting you have to have the right strains. Gorilla Glue and OG Kush are popular for a reason, people know they work and they work well. So making sure that our growers have the not only authentic strains but ones that are well known to be potent is a top priority at primo. If you’re looking for the Strongest THC and CBD strains online then you HAVE to trust the provider. That being said, we here at Primo have spent the last few years leading up to legalization cultivating growers and doing research on the best Indica and Sativa strains available in Canada.

Growers with decades of experience
Having a license to grow doesn’t equate to any actual knowledge, and likewise if they have a farming background it doesn’t mean they have any experience growing Cannabis. To grow the Strongest Cannabis you need to have a grower with not only decades of experience but also a love of growing. They’ll have beaming pride about their facility and the Weed they produce that’s infectious to be around. We meet our growers in person and inspect their facilities to insure they fit the Primo brand.

The cure is where you turn good weed into a true quad

The number one priority for a Primo grower is quality, after that then you can start to scale up the yield but without that initial level of quality you might as well be growing in a ditch. A proper cure is essential to this; it dramatically increases the quality by converting leftover sugars in the flowers into THC compounds further upping the potency. We’ve worked with masters in this process and apply the lessons learned with them to what we accept from growers going forward.

The Primo Marketplace
With these steps we make sure that Primo is the place for Licensed Producers to showcase why their products are made with the strongest THC and CBD Weed in Canada. No one else will go to the lengths we do to ensure that not only is the Cannabis Primo but the community is too. We know that trust is key to this which is why we need a strong community behind our marketplace with consistently providing the highest quality products, there’s no other way to do it.

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