Cannabis Edibles

Alternatives To Smoking Cannabis

1. You can vaporize cannabis when it comes in the form of shatter, budder, hash oil, and hash. You can even vaporize dry herb although it is not the most efficient out of the above mentioned in terms of getting really, really stoned.

2. You can enjoy some delicious edibles like candies, cookies, pastries, and infused coconut oil. Just make sure you do your research so that you’re certain the edibles are measured consistently.

3. You can ingestible oils in the form of capsules and Rick Simpson Oil (AKA Phoenix Tears).

4. You can play with tinctures which are infused liquids that are easily dropped in the mouth. Tinctures can customize your high by mixing different ones to attain your desired effects.

5. Lather on some topicals in the form of balms and creams. Perfect for pain alleviation and inflamed muscles or when the topicals are high in THC they still get you buzzed.

6. The big trend right now is called “the dab” which works by flash vaporization in which concentrates are dropped on a heated water-pipe attachment and inhaled for intensely potent effects. You can dab shatter, budder, hash oil, and Supercritical concentrates.

Sure, we all love rolling up primo doobie but it’s nice to have different options. Might be because you have damaged lungs or because you just don’t get that amazing high you once used to. Even the stigmatized image of smoking cannabis might be the one thing holding you back. We are always researching and/or developing new ways for you to enjoy the flower and all of its wonderful medicinal effects.