BC Bud and why it is famous

Around the world, you’ll hear people talk about BC Bud like that’s where the primo weed comes from.

It’s become cultural lore for these regions of cannabis to be synonymous with the best weed in the world. But why? After all, cannabis plants are far from growing natively in the region. Without getting too technical, we’ve broken down the key reasons why BC Bud has found itself at the centre of the worlds cannabis stage.

bc bud land

Famous Genetics

Grown in the province of British Columbia, Canada, B.C. Bud does not refer to one particular strain, rather a standard of excellence: strong THC potency, well trimmed and resin-abundant buds. With this said, in order to get this reputation, you’d need to be producing a very popular flower, which is exactly what happened. God Bud, Rockstar, Purp (variations), Nuken, Barbara, OG Kush, Island Skunk, and Chemo, are all examples of strains, believed to be rooted in BC. But who produced these?

Growers & Clones

Good clones are hard to come by; they’re easily susceptible to a number of flaws that don’t affect mothers. Those importing and exporting strains inevitably became reliant on specialized hydroponic growers, working with clones. A large portion of cannabis over the last few decades came from these select breeders and their clones. Thus fathering the term, BC Bud.

Import & Export

Let’s be blunt, Canada has an advanced, long-standing and extensive network of illegal marijuana growers/grow ops. The product has historically been exported to states in the USA like Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, and California. As a result, these networks of people in the USA receiving it, coined B.C. Bud, as it comes from BC.

bc bud vs american weed


British Columbia has the most hospitable weather in Canada for growing cannabis. Heavy rainfall during fall provides nutrient-rich soils, while the summers give plants time to grow quickly. But as mentioned above, much of the market is hydroponic when importing and exporting product, so being able to grow outdoors is a luxury not every part of Canada has. Middle and Eastern Provinces have recognized this for decades, and much of the market in these areas is supplied by the West Coast.

Marijuana Seeds

Arguably the biggest factor in compounding the term B.C. Bud comes from seeds. You can’t grow amazing trees from shit seeds. It doesn’t work like that; these seeds don’t become extraordinary overnight. They come from a long lineage of amazing parent genetics; seeds that set the bar for amazing bud, have been circulating B.C. for a long ass time.

Cannabis Cup

The High Times Cannabis Cup has been running in Amsterdam since 1988. Every year, strain hunters and growers from all around the world head to the world’s stage for quality cannabis playoffs. While there are multiple categories (Sativa Cup, Indica Cup, Hash Cup, etc.) and multiple winners, B.C. bud has taken home the most coveted “Cannabis Cup” prize, several times in the last 30 years.

bc bud cannabis cup
The Result!

At the end of the day, B.C. Bud has been recognized by so many because of the story it tells about cannabis. It’s a means of acknowledging quality over quantity, growing conditions over the unknown, and pride in your stash. You know how champagne can only be given its name if it’s produced in Champagne, France? Well, the same goes for B.C. Bud.

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