Computer cursor over a marijuana bud

Have you been thinking about buying cannabis with THC, but don’t know how to go about it?

We get it. There’s so much hype and it seems like you can buy cannabis anywhere, but you’ve really only got two options: dispensary vs online. Hit a retail store and pick up the finest smelling Marijuana, or order online after reading reviews from fellow connoisseurs. How you buy the product is likely dependent on convenience, preference, quality, price, and accessibility. We’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of buying cannabis online and at a retail dispensary.

Online dispensary

Quality of product should be the first box you’re checking off. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the strongest weed in the world. But how it was grown, washed, and cured is important. Indeed, whether you’re buying it retail or online, the weed quality could range from mediocre to top-notch, but there’s never compromise the quality and effect for some peripheral factor. Good online stores have hundreds of user reviews about a strain/product and its effect. It’s empirical, the first-hand experience that’s accessible before you order. Some sites will even provide details about the strain such as the style of trim, length of cure, and who grew it. These fields are often unknown at retail shops.

A neon smoke shop sign and computers

The inability to personally see or smell product and talk to a bud-tender is generally recommended if you don’t know much about cannabis. With that said, the upper echelon of online dispensaries has live chat. So you can talk with a bud-tender from the comfort of home and narrow down your options without leaving the couch. Moreover, a sites blog directory like ours should provide you more than enough information to make an educated decision as to which products you should buy. So it’s crucial to sift through only reputable and trusted sites with good reviews, a wealth of information, and history.

Storefront Dispensary

All it takes for a long time smoker to determine quality is touching and smelling it. You can’t research a strain on the web and expect it to be the same as in store. Cannabis is fickle by batch and is constantly evolving. Newbies should speak with a bud-tender to get more insight (or spend time reading up on different strains and the relationship cannabinoids have to your body). The drawbacks though include a limited variety, lack of edibles/derivative products, and biased opinions of bud-tenders or even customers. It’s important to remember that cannabis has subjective highs and effects. The best way to find your Golden High is to educate yourself and experiment.


Most online dispensaries maintain a very consistent price across products, and these are usually significantly lower than a retail store. The reason being low overhead expenses and all products being stored in a single location. Storefronts though have to markup the prices depending on their location, employee expenses, product costs, etc. The only expense that would pinch your pocket with online stores, is the shipping costs. But nowadays, websites usually offer free shipping if you cross a certain threshold. So you could very well buy in a bigger quantity if you’re looking for cost-cutting measures. We’d never advise on sacrificing quality for the price and try it out first before punching in a big order. Bargain hunting is not always the best way to purchase marijuana.

Marijuana buds and a laptop


If there’s a retail dispensary nearby, then it might win on the accessibility criterion cuz you can just walk in, show your papers and buy it instantly. But if you’re looking for the utmost convenience of never leaving home or your couch, you can have the best quality weed delivered at your doorstep. You’ll also have the safety net of privacy, with all online dispensaries following strict policies and discrete shipping methods, which is, more often than not, compromised when you walk into a store directly.

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