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Marijuana concentrates come in a lot of different forms, shapes, and sizes.

From Shatter to Rosin, Terp Sauce, Hash, Budder, C02 Oil, BHO, Wax and whole plant cannabis oil (tinctures or honey oil), just to name a few of the marijuana concentrates that currently exist. The chemical process and breakdown of each is entirely different, separated by physical characteristics and effects. Here, we’ll take a look at each extraction method, and the resulting products.

∆ Dry Herb Cannabis contains 1% – 35% CBD & THC potency levels

For example, a strain might be 2% CBD, 22% THC.

∆ Extracts contain 80% or more CBD & THC

For example, the concentrate might be 10% CBD, 90% THC.

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Butane Hash Oil is a type of marijuana concentrates produced with butane to strip away THC and terpenes. The resulting product comes in various forms such as Shatter, Budder, Honeycomb, Oil, Crumble, Wax, and, Terp Sauce or Live Resin. Every single one of these will have a different texture to them due to the temperature at which the desired plant properties are extracted from cannabis. Through a closed-loop system, cannabinoids such as THC can reach 90% potency, which makes this an obvious choice for those with medical purposes, or those looking to get super stoned. Primo’s third-party BHO product will always be lab tested with the most accurate results, guaranteed.

live rosin

CO2 Oil

Under tremendous pressure, CO2 (carbon dioxide) liquifies from its organic state and strips away specific compounds from cannabis plant matter. This is considered the cleanest extraction process amongst many industry professionals because there are rarely any solvents used in the marijuana concentrates. For example, Supercritical C02 (liquified C02) is pumped into a vessel through a filter that separates the plant matter once the pressure intensifies. Here, the carbon dioxide is expected to fully evaporate and dissolve from the concentrated cannabis oil on its own. You can find Oils, Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, Vape Pens, Distillate, Capsules, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, and Suppositories all infused with C02 concentrate on our site.

c02 oil


Rosin is arguably the cleanest process of extracting cannabinoids because there are no solvents used at any point in the extraction process. All it is, is cannabis flower, kief, or trim pressed between two very hot surfaces which cause resinous sap from the bud to flow out the front of the rosin press. It looks very similar to shatter once dried with a translucent colour. When made correctly, the cannabinoid profiles such as flavour, aroma, and terpenes will remain completely intact! You can even do this at home with a  hair straightener, but we really don’t recommend that…

c02 oil


There are plenty of ways to produce hash but Ice water extraction is the most common process. How well the trichome heads are preserved from the essential oils, stalks, and plant matter determines the quality of the hash. The size of the trichomes head is typically how the quality is then measured, but most importantly, how long the hash is dried out for. In some cases, solvents may be used to strip the cannabis plant of its cannabinoid-loaded trichomes. Hash might not be as potent as other concentrates, but it’s an OG in the concentrates department.



All of these extracts can be consumed in the same way, by dabbing, or in a “dab.” Taking a dab is much different than smoking a bowl of weed. You’ll need a dab pen, honey straw, portable dab rig, or dab bong. Either way, it works by placing extract in a preheated bowl (a specific temperature) and vaporizing while the user inhales. Nowadays, there are many, many satisfactory products on the market, but for the most PRIMO gear, peep our bongs and vapes.