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A brief history of weed online in Canada.

For now, the world of weed online in Canada is still like the early days of the internet or the frontier Wild West. Demand for dried bud, edibles and weed products—milled powder for cooking—is high, leaving growers and distributors a grand opportunity. And alongside the opportunity to move large sums of product fast, comes also the opportunity to cut corners.

Online Cannabis Canada

The cannabis plant is a complex being, testing it properly and consistently has proven difficult. Origin of a plant, it’s source or efficacy often go unaccounted for so knowing what to look for will save you time and potential health problems, especially if you’re buying from a new or unfamiliar source. So ask questions and do little research. You could even ask for more photos of the product before you trade it for cash and stir it into your mac n’ cheese. Just don’t be shy about testing the knowledge of your supplier.

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Growers are not marketing geniuses… actually, those two personalities might be the furthest apart from each other in terms of the way they think and react. We as Canadians want to support independent growers who’ve carried this industry on their backs for 50+ years. Just like our neighbourhood coffee shop and our craft brewery. We’re excited to learn more about the grower, their strains, their perfect curing techniques, and what makes them unique.

How well do you know your green?

The online world is a perfect way to connect cannabis enthusiasts to key topics on how the cannabis conversation should mature. A collective voice from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island and up north to places like the Northwest Territories. Our goal is to grow a like-minded community that can promote a positive, fun, constructive, and motivated cannabis culture.


There is a lot that goes into producing weed that reaches the quality we all desire – the killer buds that are produced far above all the rest. When you open a bag of Primo cannabis you know it’s killer; the pungent noise, the glittering white frosty trichomes, the spongy/gummy buds with a perfect trim, the white ash that comes from a dedicated flush… this is not a process a producer can learn overnight. A skilled grower could spend decades refining his craft to get to this point and will continually find ways to improve on the next growing cycle – it’s an obsessive passion. Here are some critical steps we look for when sourcing out the best weed on the planet.


If you’re going to order weed online then you MUST trust the provider. This being said, we’ve done extensive research on the best Indica and Sativa flowers that are able to be freshly grown in Canada. Be wary of licensed producers who advertise strains that are not able to be grown in Canada. Order weed online with confidence.

Quality Checklist

Things like whitish transparent lines, silvery marks, or the buds being chalky are reasons to be suspect. Watch for unusual textures or strange looking stems. With so much demand in the Canadian market, massive LP’s are focused on the bottom line, not quality. These suppliers can purposefully affect the product, using “extenders” to increase weight, which could be anything, usually stuff you don’t want to be adding to your body’s natural chemistry. Health Canada has made its attempts to manage this, but that’s like asking your kindergartener to examine your bud for quality assurance. 

  • Burns evenly
  • Easy to light
  • Doesn’t burn out
  • Smooth tokes
  • Should not be overly brittle or fall apart easily despite being fluffy
  • Should not have a chemical or a plastic smell when burnt
  • Should not be coated in a crystalline or sandy, powdery substance

primo weed online in canada


Just because an LP has a license to grow does not mean they know what they’re doing. It’s like comparing a disgusting restaurant to a world-class restaurant. Both have a license to make and serve food but which one will you choose for your birthday dinner? Obviously, the best option. The person who made your weed should have loved growing it. You know how you can taste the love in your grandmas’ home cooked meal? Well, the same principle applies.

Number 2, your grower needs to have field experience. The pride they show when talking about the product they produce is a necessary sign. The grower will be excited about every step of the growing process. Not only that, they’ll be proud of their facility, their team, and their online/offline licensed producer market. It’s not all about quantity. In fact, a good grower’s priority won’t be yield quantity. Quality is number one, and should always take priority. Right down to the cure, the potency, and the preservation of the flower. So order online with confidence because tested flower has been found to contain everything from moulds, yeast, bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, pesticides, solvents, heavy metals and aflatoxins. Shoe polish, hairspray, talc, wax and different herbs and spices have been found too. If your shit ever tastes like metal, paint or ammonia, stop smoking, start asking questions. Right now it is still vital to forge responsible habits in Canada, build trust in an industry still attached to enormous stigma. Know your dope. Know your sources. Ask questions.


1. Blue Mystic: This flower looks like it was plucked out of a movie. The blue leaves and powdered buds are reminiscent of a sci-fi movie. The sweet and fruity flavours make it a top choice for Indicas and it is hard to match its flavour with any other flower. “Fruity-licious” is its nickname.
2. Grandaddy Purple: This purple Indica strain is a beautiful marriage between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The actual flower’s buds are fat and lush, not to mention they are filled with a luscious purple hue. This weed is super fruity, very sweet, and straight primo with a sleepy euphoric high and a lot of medicinal relief.
3. Ice Wreck: This potent hybrid can reach up to 28% THC. Let us tell you, it will rock your world with a full body stone that deserves a comfy couch lock and chill. It is the beautiful baby of Trainwreck and Nirvana (a very active Sativa and an ice cold Indica). If you have a ton of chores to do please do not smoke this.
4. Northern Lights: Pure Indicas are something special and this is one of the most famous of all time. It is both sweet in smell and earthy with an aroma. The effects are a dreamy euphoric and it is perfect for muscle relaxation, anxiety, pain relief, and stress alleviation.
5. Gorilla Glue #4: One of the world’s strongest strain of all time Gorilla Glue #4 is pungent and earthy with undertones of diesel gasoline. It’ll blow the top off of your head when you experience the quality of this flower. Gorilla Glue #4 will take away any aches and pains that you have, it will boost your mood, and it will completely relax you which makes this strain a go-to for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety.

gorilla glue weed online in canada


1. Amnesia Haze: If you order weed online and smoke this marijuana, you might have a case of amnesia. It is one of the stronger Sativa breeds and is loved by growers because it has one of the greatest yields of any Sativa strain. This allows them to focus on their process instead of the yield because the yield minimum is guaranteed. It has an uplifting, energetic buzz that is extremely long lasting.
2. Laughing Buddha: This Sativa strain is popular among smokers because you guessed it, it brings on the giggles! Mail order marijuana should be fun! Laughing is just about the best medicine there is and the Laughing Buddha strain is sure to encourage the humour within you and everyone around you. This is a flower you’re going to want to share so that everyone can be on your happy level.
3. Sour Diesel: This beautiful flower gets its name because of its pungent diesel fragrance and gives the smoker a somewhat dreamy cerebral high. This strain has helped me with writer’s block because of the, in turn, qualities.
4. Strawberry Cough: Strawberry Cough is potent and gives the user an extremely uplifting, euphoric high that is good for curbing anxiety and managing stress. It’s a diamond in the rough considering Sativas can tend to induce anxiety instead of curb it.
5. Moby Dick: This strain is loved by all. It has a THC content which makes it one of the strongest strains on the market. It’s known to super-charge the smoker with a buzz and cerebral stimulation.

The Primo community has the final word.

Primo is a cannabis marketplace set to open its doors for the recreational market in 2019. Our desire is to serve Canada from coast to coast with the best weed on the planet. We’re continually building a relationship with large and small-batch licensed producers in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Alberta, and British Columbia. In case you didn’t know, “Primo” is short for premium. Please contact us if you know of a licensed producer that you’d like to see featured in our marketplace. There’s always room for quality.


If a licensed producer produces a bad patch of pot or lies to its community about product details, which we have already seen, they should pay the price. With our open market approach, one bad apple won’t ruin it for all of the rest. Primo will give you access to the best-licensed producers to test your favourite strains. The proof is in the pudding.


If these independent growers go toe-to-toe with a licensed producer valued at a billion dollars, they will be forced to spend an outrageous amount of money on marketing instead of focusing on growing and developing their product. This will inevitably increase their overall operation cost which will, in turn, create a higher priced product to the end users, which is YOU. That’s not something we want for the industry, because it’s not like any other industry in the world. Here, the consumer will be able to share products they consider to be Primo – it’s a thing of pride.

We made a buying guide that lists the best Indica strains on the market. If you want to learn more about Indica strains specifically or get just some quality suggestions, click here!