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ROSIN VS SHATTER: The differences begin in the extraction process.

Rosin is a concentrated cannabis extract (with high amounts of THC content) created by using gentle heat and pressure on a bud. Shatter is a concentrated cannabis extract created by shooting a bunch of butane into a tube filled with bud. Rosin does not use any solvents so the end product is 100% safe right away.

Rosin or shatter being pressed and squeezed by a machine


When it comes to shatter, you need to purge and sometimes whip your extract to remove all the residual solvent. Any remaining solvent will turn your brain into low-grade mush. Is shatter bad then? No, it’s not if it’s made properly.

If a batch of shatter is made using a closed loop process, then you know it’s been made in a safe environment and it’s been purged of all solvents properly. Shatter is actually a really great potent product that’s superior to C02 since the process doesn’t destroy the terpenes in the bud being used to make the shatter.

shatter concentrate container


When judging the quality of the extract you are consuming, the look and feel can give you some pretty good hints as to the type of bud used. If the extract is liquid and runny, low-grade trim was used. If the extract is hard and clear-ish, then it was made using high-quality bud and in the case of BHO-shatter, it was very well purged as well. C02 extractions get a lot of love since the process doesn’t use anything toxic.

Unfortunately, it completely strips the bud of terpenes and other cannabinoid profiles. If you are a medical patient that needs cannabis for an illness, it’s much better to go with shatter or rosin if you are taking the extract route.

shatter concentrate in broken pieces


Want to make your own rosin at home? It’s actually pretty easy. A quick google search will put you onto a bunch of videos that can show you how to make rosin with a hair straightener and some parchment paper (and some bud too).

It’s totally safe to make this product so give it a shot if you are feeling adventurous. Shatter on the other hand should not be made at home and can cause huge fires and personal injury.

DO NOT MAKE SHATTER AT HOME. OK, good, got that out the way.