Best Multi-Tool Weed Accessories

The rook multi-tool on a bench

Many times in my life, I’ve wanted to pack a bowl for the road when heading out. But bringing a pipe is a bitch, and rolling a joint is kinda sketchy if your shotgunning beers and laying up keg stands with the boys. If you’re bringing a bong to a party, expect to hand out bowls to everybody. So you need something discreet, convenient, safe, and durable that can handle the chaos of blacking out before midnight.

The Rook

There’s a simplicity to Southern coastal life that’s hard to capture elsewhere. The humidity affords you a slow pace most days and odds are you’ll end up in the water via kayak, sailboat or paddleboard. Even the partying is something you sort of fade into by sundown. Out of Charleston, South Carolina, a beacon for this lifestyle, comes The Rook, a party tool that combines utility and simplicity to make it the last one you’ll need to buy.

The Rook looks exactly how you would think, like the rook of a chess set, the famously powerful tower flanking pieces that can move horizontal or vertical across the board. This flexibility is carried over to the multi-tool counterpart. The top of the piece unscrews to reveal a portable pipe that can be pre-stuffed and safely stored until you’re ready to use. The bowl holds close to a gram of herb and can pack and burn to any size depending on your tolerance. The mouthpiece is located at the other end of The Rook, carefully tucked between one of the tower grooves. That same bottom includes a space where you can crack open bottles, beer or otherwise, which often goes well with what you stuffed in your pipe earlier. If you unscrew The Rook from its resting position, it reveals two additional tools, a shotgunner — used to pop a hole in the bottom of a beer can — and a detachable bowl that fits perfectly as a gravity bong. Most portable pipes are nice until you have to light them, which usually leads to someone getting their lips or fingers burnt. As a pipe, The Rook works well by not getting the bowl area or mouthpiece hot, which is amazing given how small and portable it is.

As creator Ross Rhoades says on their website, “Make Moves is a joint venture to create affordable, portable pieces that expand the market for active lifestyle smokers. As the market trends toward the high end, we intend to innovate for every man. Balling on a budget is the common struggle. We want to contribute. You get one fucking life. Bet on yourself. Work hard. Deliver big. Live life to the absolute fullest and help and encourage as many people around you to do the same. That’s what the fuck we’re about.”

And all of this comes with a keychain attached to the top so it can hide in plain sight if you want it to. It doesn’t really matter what you want The Rook for — reliving your college glory, relaxing after a long shift, or acting like MacGyver with the smoking solution — because odds are you’ll indulge all its fun tricks once you get a hand on it. At least, that’s how it happened for me.