How do we mobilize the stash?

This is an eternal question for stoners and creatives alike. It’s great to have an elaborate at-home set up (and you should) but what about when your friends ask you to match at their house, or you take a day-trip to the beach or need supplies for an overnight toke? Maybe you’ve got a pen and pad you can’t leave without too. While it’s easy to use a tote, Ziploc, or some repurposed container, they’re usually ineffective, awkward and most importantly, boring.

What is X-Pac?

X-PAC is a revolutionary lightweight composite fabric made of multiple layers laminated into a single sheet; a nylon face fabric, a polyester “X-Ply” mesh, a waterproof film (200 psi), and light taffeta backing with a water-resistant coating are bound into one. It was originally designed for making specialized racing sails, but much of the technology has other applications.


Windsails need to be as light as possible but strong enough to handle the elements that run through it. The structural integrity of the material plays a major role in protecting the people and assets on board. It has to be reliable in any scenario: repel water, resist UV rays, and above all, retain its intended shape.

When testing this material, the X-PAC bags hold up – it’s capable of handling weather and the wear and tear that can happen when your precious items leave the house. It might be a skate day at your favorite spot or the commute to work – it doesn’t really matter because the fabric outpunches other lightweight materials in any environment.

It feels practically weightless by itself.

The X-Pac Hybrid is a string sacoche that can be worn over a shoulder, across the body, or around the waist. A reflective ultralight cord adjusts the length, and an Italian vegetable-tanned leather shoulder strap adds comfortability. It can even be concealed under a jacket with enough room for the essentials to lock in place and keep close to the chest. As always, the Established Underground tag keeps our roots in mind.

The X-Pac Stash bag comes in two sizes, standard and mini. If you’re looking for a container to stow away in another, we’d recommend the Mini Stash. But if you’re looking to pack a fat sack and stuff it away, then go with the Standard. There’s enough room to pack everything you need. In either option, your greens and necessities will fit properly with function in mind. We shaped these bags for the things we carry every day and the handle at the top adds a dimension of functionality without compromising ergonomics.