The Solo Stoner VS The Social Stoner

We all know that cannabis can have many functions. Sometimes you can’t wait to get home set up your table of snacks, put on a good movie smoke that nice Indica and melt into your couch. Sometimes you might use cannabis to reflect alone and or to embark on creative projects in your own time.  Other times you may want to use cannabis to catch up with old friends, while your out for drinks with friends, going on a hike or just hanging out with friends.

Whatever your preferred environment for smoking may be, there are usually two types of smokers. Those that choose only to smoke in their alone time, and those that use smoking cannabis as a social activity. There are many reasons why one might belong to either category and sometimes both. Many reasons ranging from personal reasons, personality traits, preferred strains, and disposition. Cannabis also affects everybody a little differently and therefore may induce different comfort levels in different people.

Let’s take a deeper look into what might inspire either method and which strains would be best suited for either environment. For the solo stoner, social anxieties even minor can sometimes be amplified by smoking. Especially Sativa strains, if this is true for you, you might prefer finding a nice Indica setting up the perfect “chill” environment laying back and getting that elevated alone time in. A perfect strain for this type of night in would be Bubba Kush, equal parts physical and mental relaxation makes it a perfect way to end your day.

These rituals of alone time smoking are very important to a lot of stoners. Every detail is meticulously executed to induce the perfect environment for that relaxation alone time high. A lot of smokers of this nature consider cannabis to be an invaluable tool for their alone time relaxation and separate its use from social times and events with their friends. Whether they smoke to get to sleep, to relax alone, or to creatively reflect and decompress. This time is meant for them and them alone.

On the other hand, smoking cannabis can also be primed for camaraderie. For meeting up with old friends catching up over a joint, or stepping out at the event to share one with a group of your buddies. Cannabis can be a great tool for solidifying and creating bonds. Inducing deep conversation, and thought-provoking storytelling. An ideal strain for these situations would be Tangie. A very uplifting strain that carries cerebral effects of euphoria, creative focus, and happiness. Ideal for a night out with friends.