Top 5 Stash Bags

Man in green shirt holding weed bag

Case, satchel, purse, bookbag, fannie pack, and ziploc. If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve stored your bud in one of these things. They all get the job done, but some better than others, especially if you’re trying to transport your weed safely where the law isn’t agreeable to your choices. It’s a problem that will continue no matter how legal your weed is: you want a safe, secure and easy way to transport your weed from place to place. The specifics depend on your situation of course. If you need to be discreet, smell-proof is a necessity, but if weed is legal in your area, you might not want to go through the extra act of sealing your green in layers that protect it from your senses. We’ve run the numbers, done all the tests (and smoked a little bit) to gather five of the best bags you can use to move your stash wherever life takes you. They’re stylish, functional, discreet or some combination of all three and any would make a great addition to your collection. As always, we like to do the hard searching for you at Primo, now all you have to do is make the decision.

Primo X-Pac Bag


Clearly, we’ve been thinking about this problem because it led us to release our own stash bag in the form of the X-Pac line. The elements of weed culture are constantly evolving and we’ve created a line of all-purpose bags to meet your needs no matter how much they change. You’ve seen bags with bulky designs or corny gimmicks but our X-Pac Bags cut through all that bullshit to give you the essentials needed for storage and transportation. What is X-Pac? X-Pac is a revolutionary lightweight composite fabric made of multiple layers laminated into a single sheet. Originally designed for making specialized racing sails, the developers discovered that much of the technology they had created was also capable of producing a unique bag material. It’s as light as possible but strong enough to handle any environment. It needs to survive the elements by not absorbing water and being resistant to UV. It’s these properties we bring to the X-Pac bags, capable of handling weather and the wear and tear that can happen when taking your precious bud out of the house. X-Pac Bags come in two designs, Fanny Pack and Stash, tailored to your specific needs. If you’re looking for a container to stow away in another, we’d recommend the Stash. Its handle at the top makes it great for carrying around town or safely and discreetly tucking your belongings away, while the Fanny Pack design is streamlined for mobility. Primo X-Pac Bags are available in a variety of colors and are the next level of weed storage, transportation, and style that can fit the lifestyle of any stoner.

Dime Bags

Weed is one of the hardest things to hide because of its strong, permeating, wonderful odor. Therefore, the smell is a big factor for some when choosing a stash bag that fits their need. Whether it’s a matter of a fine, jail time, or just privacy, it’s very important for some to make sure that their sticky icky stash is kept from the prying nostrils of those around them. Dime Bags have been facilitating this need for smell-proof storage for years. I remember hearing about them when I started smoking (I promise I’m not that old) and was worried about the smell. Besides the smell-and-spill-proof-pouch that is found in all their products, they keep customers happy with an incredibly diverse line of bags, satchels, computer cases, and backpacks. Whether you’re looking for a small sack to hide in your large luggage or a full-on bookbag that can carry all your stuff plus the green goodies, Dime Bag will have a selection that fits your needs.

StashLogix EcoStash

I can’t speak for everyone, but I tend to get particular with my organization, especially if I’ve taken a few bongs rips and I’m staring at a cluttered room. StashLogix sought to fill this need for tidiness when they created the EcoStash, it’s medium size in a line of compartmentalized stash bags that includes the smaller GoStash and the larger ProStash. Regardless of how much storage you need, the main draw of this line is its organizational capabilities. If you’ve ever been fishing you’re familiar with a tackle box—the place where a fisherman stores all his lures, lines, bait, tools and hooks—and this is basically the tackle box for weed. You’re not bound by a designer’s decisions though, because this bag comes with fully customizable compartments that you can arrange into whatever Tetris design you need that day. It’s kept safe by a three-digit programmable lock that stops accidental and intentional intruders. They also throw in a small pouch to store the actual bud that helps protect the smell from leaking into the surrounding area. If you’re fishing for a sectioned off bag that divides all your goodies, cast a line for StashLogix.


Maybe you’re not looking for a bag or satchel that gives you a stylish means of bud transportation. Many consumers are just looking for the nitty gritty, get-the-job-done vessel that gets the weed from point A to point B without losing any of it. For those people, Medtainer is the best option. If you’ve bought weed from some type of dispensary, you’re familiar with the basic, plastic containers they give you to hold the bud. Think of Medtainer as the apex of what these containers aspire to be. Made from plastic and in the same general shape of your average marijuana holder, Medtainers up the ante by making their storage smell-proof, spill-proof and multi-chambered so you can keep the nice, ground weed separate. Why would you want to separate it? Because they build a highly functional and convenient grinder into their cases that can be used in an emergency or as your main, multi-use grinder. The styles, colors, and lettering of Medtainers is practically limitless, so there will be something that catches your eye as the next necessary addition to your paraphernalia collection.

Skunk Bags Backpacks

So far the stash bags have been small, lightweight and easy to hide. The Skunk Bag Backpacks hide in plain sight though with extra space to spare. This is the bag for the stoner who also needs to carry around a laptop, some snacks, maybe a book and the finest pot you can score. Made from stylish material and available in a myriad of colors and styles, you can find the perfect bag that will blend in with everyone else. The carbon lining of the zipper pockets keeps the smell from leaking out extra velcro flap gives you more space than you initially thought. Like the StashLogix bag, they include a lock your backpack too to keep off any wandering eyes. If you’re looking for storage that doesn’t scream “hey, I’m keeping my weed in here” Skunk Bags are a great way to keep the skunk hidden, safe and silent.