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Some questions to ask before buying the best vape pen: How was the oil extracted? What type of flower was used for the extraction? What type of battery are you using with the cartridge?

Finding the best vape weed pen isn’t the easiest thing to do because there are many variables to consider. But we’ll simplify your options.

Let’s begin diving into the best vape criteria

The very best vape products will use a C02 or rosin extraction since there should be no chemical bi-products leftover from the extraction process. All the terpenes are intact and as result will taste like how the original flowers smelled. If good quality flowers were used for the extraction, you will get good quality extract. Often times, producers will use a lower quality flower, but a user can tell the difference by the taste and the high.

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BHO otherwise known as butane honey oil or honey oil is another type of extract. If done properly, it can be a great product. However, if the cannabis oil has not been purged properly, remnants of the toxic butane will be left in the cannabis and that’s really not good. But if you’re buying from Primo, we can guarantee you’re going to get the best butane product out there. That simple, no bullshit.

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Distillation is a good method for creating pure, cheap product but as a result of the way in which it’s done, the terpenes need to be added back in. Not all product makers will add back in the original terpenes and instead will add an artificial flavor. This additional flavor is not harmful but depending on personal preference, you may not like the taste of certain flavors. Distillate is cheap and very strong so maybe the use of artificial flavors does not bother you so much if you are trying to save some money but also get high.

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It is also important to consider the battery. With a battery that has variable voltage, you can adjust the temperature and so change how your extract tastes. With distillate, you want to be able to set the temp really low otherwise it can taste nasty. With CBD cartridges, you want a really high temp since CBD is so thick. With rosin or C02, you want a medium high temp.

There are different kinds of variable voltage batteries. Make sure you choose a solid one with a max temp of at least 4.2 volts. It’s also worth mentioning that 90% of these Weed Vape Pens will use a 510 thread. Meaning, most cartridges will be compatible with other batteries, as long as they are 510 compatible.