Dry Herb Vaporizer online, the best in the world


I love vaping using a dry herb vaporizer Canada. All the cannabinoids and terpenes taste and smell so fresh. The high can be less of a burnout and I can re-use the vaped herb for cooking. Damn, I really do love vaping. At home, I use a silver surfer but when I’m out I want to use something that will work as well but will not break if I or a friend of mine drops it. Also, I am going to need something that can give me a SOLID shock of THC etc multiple times. Translation: big boy battery life required. I would also like to be able to fit the device ON MY PERSON. I do not want to have to carry a separate bongo-drum bag to transport it. Ideally, I would like to put it into my pocket and have it not make too much of a bulge. That being said, I am willing to compromise a bit if the vape truly kills it. I also care about heating controls so that I can fine-tune the flavor of the da dry herb I am imbibing. Right, so let us review dem vapes mon,

1. Gaia – Linx Vapor

This little unit has it all from discreetness to curb appeal and beautifully clean tokes. Incoming air flows directly through a quartz chamber for pure flavor and smooth hits. It’s convection based, allowing hot air to vaporize material in its QUARTZ chamber efficiently. Gaia uses 100% air, rather than synthetic materials from traditional thermal insulation, to insulate heat from the vaporization process. This unique air insulation makes for a more flavorful and healthy vape session. The metal case is paint free and is meticulously crafted from top quality materials making the Gaia a sleek and elegant device that fits in the palm of your hand. Find it in the Primo Vape Shop.

2. Utillian721

This is a great vape as it is totally portable that fits pretty easily into your pocket, uses convection (hot air instead of direct heated contact), metal exterior, heat-up time is under a minute, non-glass mouthpiece and is concentrate-capable. The only drawback I can think of is the battery life which could be a little longer but still decent at an hour. Also, the price is really good too. Definitely a contender for portable dry herb vape king.

3. Arizer ArGo

The ArGo is another winner. Arizer makes great convection devices but this one is their first truly portable product. They do use glass which is annoying when it breaks but the design of this lil guy makes it so very little of the glass is open to the elements and has a neat pop-up feature that protects the exposed part of the glass when not in use. So with the glass safe here’s what makes this vape so special: convection heat, great build quality, swappable batteries, 1.5-hour battery life, digital temp control, and a 2-year warranty. This one is tough to diss. With the smallest vapes out there being only 30% thinner, this guy really is a contender for best discreet vape on the market. I just said that on the previous unit but I really mean it. OMG, should you just get both??

4. Zeus Smite Plus

This is a very sick vape. Named after a god, this thing has been imbued with much power. Other than this being a conduction-style vape and having to get the mouthpiece out of a separate chamber, this thing is very godlike indeed. The pros: metal body, compact/pocketable, precise digital temp control, 3 fricking hours of battery life, 1-year warranty and great vape quality for a conduction unit. Also, the price is stellar. There is no better cheaper vape in existence. Another winner.

5. Crafty by Storz & Bickel

From the makers of the Volcano – the best at-home vape on the planet comes their truly portable vape. It is a good one no question. It’s got great battery life at 1.5 hours, customizable temp settings (via app), it’s concentrate-capable, discreet, has a 2-year warranty and it looks dope. The issues I have with it are the price and the battery. First the price: it’s almost $400. That’s a lot considering most of the vapes on this list are half the price. The battery is forged into this unit so if there are problems, they must be dealt with by a pro which means no vape during downtime. That sucks. Still, this unit seems to make a lot of people happy so… Oh, I almost forgot, the onboard heating options is kind of dumb with only 2 settings on the actual device. I just want to vape. There is no reason to involve my phone and you have to with this one if you don’t want one of the 2 heat settings that come standard with this guy.

6. Apollo AirVape X

Another vape named after a god so you know it’s going to be a killer. Gods don’t muck about when it comes to vape and the AirVape X is no exception. Priced for under $200, this one is a slayer of lesser vapes. Here’s why: metal exterior, precise digital temp control, concentrate-capable, ceramic conduction and something else I am forgetting to mention. The battery on this is not terrific but it’s decent at just under an hour. The unit is small so it easily fits in your pocket. Also comes with a smell-proof case if you are, you know, paranoid. For a conduction vape, this is a really good one.