where to buy the best vape pen Canada

Weed Vape Pens have become the most convenient way for light and heavy smokers to enjoy the effects of cannabis, more subtly than ever. You’ve probably seen people with these. They look futuristic as fuck and I guarantee you’ve thought to yourself, why the hell do I not have one of those? So here we are.

Benefits of Weed Vapes

The obvious notations of this method come from it being extremely portable, light, and discreet.  It also fits right into vape culture, so it’s far less suspicious than packing a bowl or a vaporizer. A passerby might automatically assume you’re vaping nicotine because it hardly smells and doesn’t draw much attention.

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Let’s talk about the high. Smoking a Weed Vape pen can get you super Zend or super blitzed. Just like smoking a regular joint, the strain and volume consumption will determine how high you get. But with Weed Vape Pens (the good ones), you can change the voltage, which will determine how big your hit is.

For example, let’s say your vape has 3 settings: 3.5, 4.0, and 4.5 volts. Higher the number, the bigger the hit and the faster your concentrate will burn, which equals more vapour.

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Aside from the discreteness of weed vape pens, you’re also getting the most advanced method of smoking cannabis ever invented by man. CO2 extraction is a relatively new and expensive process of decarboxylating cannabis. But not everyone has access to these machines due to the price and size of them. Which is why a lot of product on the market is BHO extracted. If you’re like wtf do either of these terms mean, please read this: (co2 vs bho).

Burning Flower

We’re not taking anything away from smoking flower. It’s still the GOAT and will always be #1. We know that few things are more satisfying than lighting a massive blunt and smelling pristine flower enter your lungs. Especially after work, melting into your couch. 

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BUT, are you trying to get stoned before a dinner with family members you don’t really wanna talk to? Or maybe you’re about to head back to work after lunch? Queue the vape pen, cuz no one will have any fucking clue.

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Bottom Line

Weed Vape Pens aren’t gonna substitute your flower. But you can get a similar high whether you’re smoking a joint or hitting a weed vape, it really comes down to the strain and the dedication of the grower. You’re not gonna get an amazing cartridge from average weed. That’s why we put so much information into our strain details, so you have all the information necessary to make an educated decision, and decipher what high works for you; it’s a trial and error process. If you’re new, start with a high CBD strain and work your way up. If you’re a heavy smoker, you know what to do…