Our Brands

Karl Termini is an OG in the glassblowing community who has been shaping, designing, and fuming glass bongs for over 20 years.
Tsubota lighters look like they were handmade in the 1950s with Japanese craftsmanship you won't find anywhere else in Canada.
Summerland pipes, bongs and other ceramics are nostalgic of simpler times. Transport to a lost hideaway for sun seekers, wave worshippers and coastal daydreamers.
The China Glass company from the Heibei Province of Northern China handcraft these borosilicate bongs with over 100 years of lineage experience.
FEZ has created a vaporizer for everyone. From techies to yogi’s, FEZ combines powerful vaporization with modern design simplicity.
Linx is painstakingly crafted to give you the best vaporizing experience imaginable. Vape smart, vape healthy, vape Linx.
Primo is Established Underground, raising the voice of authenticity that’s created cannabis culture.


We have searched every nook and cranny for the best weed brands this world has to offer. Whether it’s handmade Summerland pipes from California, authentic Japanese crafted lighters by Tsubota Pearl, or bespoke ceramics from Tyler Udall, our selection knows no boundaries because we only carry Primo products.

In our shop, you’ll find more brands like LINX, FEZ, The China Glass, Karl Termini, and exclusive merch from Primo. Plus, we’re updating our stockists each month, so there’s a lot to keep up with if you’re looking for quality products with brand names to back them up. We’re aware there are no shortcuts to producing something both useful and timeless. Welcome to Primo.