Weed Knowledge


Primo was founded by a core group of cannabis users unsatisfied with the marketplace and a lack of safe options to buy premium weed on-line in Canada. With legalization on the horizons, an idea was formed to build one central marketplace and nourish Canada’s cannabis community with primo flower. Hence the name “Primo.”

This train of thought became an obsession, which would turn into a goal that’s become a reality; an online Head Shop for cannabis culture, weed vape pens, dab pens, dry herb vaporizer, bongs and pipes, weed accessories, dab rigs, cases, rolling papers for weed, weed grinders, clothing, bong mats, and weed books.

Primo’s focus is to harvest a sense of community for anyone interested in cannabis – from the daily smoker to the newbie trying weed for the first time. Here, you can research strains, educate yourself on different methods of weed consumption, dosing correctly, terpenes explained, and even how to roll the perfect weed joint. We aim to provide the highest grade culture and agriculture, so you can enjoy more and worry less; a positive experience through well-tuned service and 20+ years in the industry.

In Primo’s shop, you’ll find brands like Summerland Ceramics, LINX, FEZThe China Glass, Tsubota Pearl, Karl Termini, Tyler Udall, and exclusive merch from Primo.